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Neon Eruption

Neon Eruption

Colombia - Washed
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Tasting notes
Orange, Chocolate, Honey


Several farmers in the rural area of Llanada Naranjos


Caturra, colombia & castillo


1,300 - 2100 masl


This standout out clean washed coffee comes from the famous coffee region of Hulia in the south west of Colombia. This region has earned the accolade as the centre of the speciality coffee world in Colombia. 

For this coffee, farmers in the rural area of Llanada Naranjos pick the perfectly ripe coffee cherries about every 15 days during harvest. The processing is done at farm level and starts with depulping the cherries. They are then placed in fermentation tanks for about 30 hours before being washed 2 or 3 times. The drying then takes place on either covered drying tables or roof top patios known as Casa Helda. Depending on the weather this can take between 10 and 15 days. 

Flavours and the acidity or orange bounce around this remarkably clean coffee with a robust chocolate flavour filling it out. This is backed up with a gentle and lovely honey like sweetness rounding the coffee out into a delicious delight. 

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