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Kaleidoscope - Subscription

Kaleidoscope - Subscription

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Our house blend, Kaleidoscope, is the perfect balance of juicy berry fruit flavours with layers of rich chocolate and a tantalising orange acidity. 

In this blend, three coffees combine beautifully into a moreish espresso or long black but also gives no quarter when paired with milk to make a creamy, delicious milkshake of a latte or flat white. While we have labelled this as an espresso blend it will certainly not leave you wanting if brewed in a cafetiére or a filter.

Coffee is seasonal and we adjust the coffees in the blend throughout the year in line with harvests in different parts of the world. This is version 3 of Kaleidoscope.

Tasting notes
Red Berries, Chocolate, Orange

45% Efrain Carhuallocllo
35% Los Naranjos
20% Eli Espinoza

Peru & Colombia

Caturra, Colombia, Castillo & Bourbon

1300 – 2100 masl

Efrain Carhualloclloiego
Efrain Carhuallocllo Salvador owns a four hectare farm in the El Corazon village in the district of Chirinos. Efrain is one of Peru's most famous coffee farmers having come second in the country's first ever Cup of Excellence competition. His extreme care, precision and love of innovation have also won him numerous other accolades. This coffee adds punnet loads of berries flavours to the blend and a little of the pleasing acidity.

Los Naranjos
Los Naranjos is is contributed to by coffee farmers in the municipality of San Agustin in the famous coffee department of Huila in Colombia. These small farms with an average size of only three hectares are selected for producing exceptional coffee. These coffees undergo a washed process whilst still at the farm they were picked at, before being transported to the central dry mill where they are combined to produce this exceptional coffee. In Kaleidoscope, this coffee brings the rich chocolate undertones and provides plenty of the sweetness.

Eli Espinosa
Eli Espinosa started his life in coffee by picking coffee cherries after moving to the Chirinos area of Peru as a teenager. After a while he was able to buy a small piece of land and start his own coffee farm. He now has four coffee farms and processes all his own coffee. Even though this only provides 15% of the blend it adds in the zing of citrus and the final lift to make the blend sing like it does. 

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