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Duckie Fuzz

Duckie Fuzz

Ethiopia - Natural
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Tasting notes
Peach, Jasmine, Milk Chocolate


Halo Beriti




2,150 - 2200 masl


In the heart of Yirgacheffe, the most famous coffee growing region of Ethiopia, lies the coffee washing station of Lalesa. which sits at a staggering altitude of just over 2000 meters above sea level. 

This coffee comes from a farm called Halo Beriti, close to the washing station. The farm is only 3.5 hectares and grows heirloom coffees under the shade of Ensete (false banana) trees. Heirloom is the name given to coffee trees that grow natively in Ethiopia. The farm is run by around 20 staff, but this number increases to around 250 staff during the coffee harvest season of late November to January. 

For this coffee, the cherries are first put into tanks where the defective cherries float whilst the good ones sink. The good cherries are then placed on raised drying beds for 12-15 days before being depulped. 

This incredibly clean tasting, naturally processed coffee, sings with notes of peach with large wafts of jasmine florals. There is a delicious milk chocolate body lingering underneath these notes, rounding out the coffee to perfection!

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