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30 Decibel Megaphone

30 Decibel Megaphone

Peru - Natural
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Tasting notes
Tangerine, Caramel, Pineapple


Eli Espinoza

4 hectares of coffee in the village of las Pirias


Bourbon & Caturra


1,850 masl

Eli Espinoza started his life in coffee by picking coffee cherries after moving to this area as a teenager. After a while he was able to buy a small piece of land and start his own coffee farm. He now has four coffee farms and processes all his own coffee.

Typically Peru has not been as associated with speciality grade coffee like its South American neighbours have. That is slowly changing as farmers break away from producing quantity over quality for big quantity focused roasters. They are now focusing on seeking the premium prices that quality can bring in the speciality market. Eli Espinosa is in this category.

He mostly grows Typica, Caturra and Bourbon varieties. This Bourbon and Caturra lot was selected to be processed naturally. These flavour notes may not sound like they will sit together but they certainly taste incredible. Tangerine leads the way over the top of the caramel and watch out for the pineapple sneaking in after.

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