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Investor Treasure

Investor Treasure

Kenya - Washed
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We are an equity crowdfunded roastery! To finance the build of our roastery 230 customers invested and now own part of The Coffee Apothecary. One of the tiered investor rewards was a bag of the first coffee that left the roastery. We found a coffee so delicious that we couldn't pass it up. The quantity it came in was more than we needed for the investors so now you get a chance at grabbing a bag of this incredible, juicy Kenyan. Give a "cheers" to the investors as you take a sip! 

Tasting notes
Blackcurrant, Cola, Molasses


Members of the Mugaga Farmers' Cooperative Society

Washing Station


Batian, Ruiru 11, SL28, SL34


1,800 - 2,050 masl

Gatina Washing Station, built in 1968, is nestled between the western slopes of Mt. Kenya and the eastern slopes of the Aberdares mountains. It is run and managed by Mugaga Farmers’ Cooperative Society.

The 790 station members have a few hundred trees per farmer, which makes it vital to focus on speciality coffee to increase the value per kg of cherry that they hand pick. Cherries are hand sorted at the washing station and sub-par cherries are returned to farmers, incentivising them to only pick cherries truly at their peak.

The co-operative aims to provide resources to help member farmers improve their yields and combat pests and diseases. They also have worked successfully to increase participation from young people and women, with over 30% of its members now female, a high percentage for co-operatives.

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