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Black Belt Origami

Black Belt Origami

Indonesia - Anaerobic Natural
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Tasting notes
Tropical fruit, Brown Sugar, Cherry


Aulia Kahpi

Rakyat Farm & 15 neighbours


Abyssinia, Ateng, Caturra, Gayo, Timtim & Typica

Anaerobic natural

1,300 - 1,600 masl


Although Sumatra is well known as a coffee producing region of Indonesia it has never been in demand in speciality coffee markets, mainly due to the area primarily using a processing method called wet hulling or giling basah. This often results in earthy and woody flavours hence why it has been avoided by the speciality market. This is changing!

Aulia Kahfi farms on his own small farm and buys coffees from neighbouring farms. With each farm being only 1 hectare on average working together in this way is the only way to produce a viable amount of coffee. On these small farms the coffee is often intercropped with vegetables and maize which provides a large proportion of the farm's family meals for the year.

This is a very fun and exciting coffee and our first from Indonesia. The tropical fruit notes bounce around your palate but the solid foundation of brown sugar and cherry is never left far behind. We love it! 

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