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Abstract Circuits

Abstract Circuits

Rwanda - Washed
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Tasting notes
Berries, Pink Grapefruit, Toffee


Gitega Hills wet mill 

Local farmers


Red Bourbon


1,750 masl


The Gitega Hills washing station in Southern Rwanda is one of three washing stations owned by Bernard Uwitije and his business, Trapro coffee.

Bernard Uwitije grew up helping his father collect coffees processed in homes in his local area and selling them in the nearby town of Kigali. He took the business over after his father became ill and decided that, since processing coffees at home was very hard work, he would start a washing station to do it on a larger scale.

His business has since expanded to three washing stations all with the same aim of producing speciality level coffee and helping local farmers and the community flourish through this. This incredible achievement is made all the more amazing because the stations also strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

This coffee is bursting with punnets loads of berry flavours. The grapefruit flavours and acidity dance around while the toffee robustness holds the show together. We have always loved Rwandan coffees and often see then as the in-between ground of the really fruity African coffees and their more chocolatey South American cousins. This coffee is no exception to that! 

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